Mortgage Calculator Scotland

Mortgage Calculator Scotland: How Much Could I Borrow? 

If you’re considering buying a property, using our mortgage repayment calculator tool is a great starting point.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, making the next step on the property ladder or looking to remortgage in less than 5 minutes, you can work out how much you could borrow and what your monthly mortgage payments are likely to look like by using our help to buy mortgage calculator for buyers in Scotland.

The Lending Channel can then help you to compare the mortgage rates available to you.

How do I use the mortgage calculator?

Simply input your details into our easy-to-use detailed mortgage calculator.

You’ll need a rough idea of the following points in order to get an accurate reading from our mortgage calculator Scotland:

  • The kind of house prices you’ll be looking at,
  • Your preferred interest rate
  • Your house deposit 
  • Your proposed mortgage term.

Once you’ve entered your details, the house mortgage calculator will quickly produce what your monthly payments, mortgage interest rate and principal figures might look like, giving you a clearer idea of what you can afford.

Why use a mortgage calculator?

A clear understanding of these figures will help to save you time, money and heartache when looking at prospective homes.

It’s important that you take this information seriously, as you need to ensure that you’re able to make agreed repayments on your mortgage, or your home might be repossessed by the bank or lender. 

First-time buyers in particular find our help-to-buy mortgage calculator very beneficial, as these buyers tend to be unsure of what property they can afford to buy and how much their monthly mortgage repayments will look like.

Please note that our mortgage calculator is not an agreement in principle. An agreement in principle is a more accurate indication of what you’ll likely be able to borrow, and you’ll need to apply for one directly to the lender. Our mortgage calculator is also not a mortgage overpayment calculator or stamp duty calculator.

Remember, too, that this mortgage calculator won’t take your individual circumstances into account. You’ll also need to consider the additional costs associated with buying a property, such as home insurance, legal fees and product fees. This calculator is designed to give you a brief overview of a standard residential mortgage.

If you’re looking for a more specialised loan (fixed rate, tracker rate, etc.) or a buy-to-let mortgage , please get in touch with our team directly to discuss your requirements in more detail.

What are the next steps after using the mortgage deal calculator for Scotland?

Once you have an overview of what you might be able to afford, it’s a good time to contact The Lending Channel and receive expert mortgage advice from an experienced broker. 

It might be time to discuss and compare mortgage deals or to take the next step and apply for an agreement in principle.

You can call our team directly on 01738 583008 or fill in your details on the "Request a call back" form listed at the bottom of this page.

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