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Commercial mortgages are an attractive loan type for prospective landlords and those wishing to purchase commercial property. As specialised commercial mortgage brokers, The Lending Channel is well placed to assist you in the application and acceptance of a commercial property mortgage. Read below to find out more about our commercial mortgage services. 

Mortgages for commercial property: What types of property can commercial mortgages be used on?

Commercial mortgages can be used on a wide range of property types, securing a loan to buy a:

Hotel and Public House

Bed and Breakfast / Guest House

Office Premises / Retail Unit (Shops)

Factory or Warehouse

Nursing and Care Home

HMO Mortgage

Investment Properties and Portfolio Mortgages

Buy to Let Property

Complex Mortgages

For more information on how to purchase, remortgage or invest in commercial property, our team of commercial mortgage brokers is here help you with any form of Commercial Mortgage you are interested in.

Regardless of your situation or the scenario you are in, just give us a call on 01738 583008 and we’ll provide information on the right solutions for you.

Commercial Mortgages: What are they & should I get one?

A commercial mortgage can be a great solution if you're looking to invest in your business long term. With your own premises, you'll be given more flexibility as you run your business, and will feel the benefit of lower monthly repayments and better interest rates than other business loans. Sounds great, right?

However, these types of mortgages can be a bit tricky to find and define as they don't come as an "off the shelf" style product. Each loan will be shaped and catered to your exact circumstances, for example, the nature and size of your business, your budget and even your building.

This means that whether a business mortgage suits you will be dependent on your own specific situation, and they won't work for everyone.

What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial property mortgage is a loan secured on a premises that isn't your residential property. This is usually commercial property, such as a studio or an office building. Generally speaking, you'll be able to borrow anything over £25,000.

Typically, commercial mortgages are used once a business loan runs out. Sometimes known as a commercial investment mortgage, they're a way for your to continue to run and grow your business without too much financial disruption.

As a medium to long-term loan, commercial mortgages can last between three and twenty-five years.

commercial mortgage loans

What can I use a business mortgage for?

Business mortgages can be used for a number of different property types, including:

  • Buying property
  • Buying out an existing business
  • Freeing up capital to invest back into your business
  • Property development
  • Investing in property to rent to other businesses
  • Renovating your existing business premises
  • Buying tech, vehicles and other equipment

What types of commercial mortgages are there?

There are two main types of commercial mortgages available on the market. Choosing an appropriate product that is the best deal for you can be complicated, so it's vital that you seek the advice of a qualified commercial mortgage broker like The Lending Channel.

  • Owner-occupied mortgage

This loan will be used to buy premises that your business will trade from. This could be your existing property or a brand new place.

  • Commercial investment mortgages

A commercial investment mortgage can be used to buy a property that you intend to rent out to other individuals or businesses. You'll need a special buy to let commercial mortgage if this is your intention.

Seeking property to let can be a very fruitful way of making money, but it does come with its risks.

commercial mortgage for office buildings

What are some of the typical commercial mortgage terms?

Business mortgages are characterised by a few key features:

  • There are often no fixed-rate mortgages available when seeking a commercial mortgage - instead, typical commercial mortgage rates are based on your specific circumstances and the terms agreed with your lender
  • As commercial mortgages are considered higher-risk, it's likely rate loans will be higher. However, because they're leveraged against your premises, interest rates will still be lower than other business finance options, such as a business loan
  • A commercial mortgage lender will generally require a deposit of between 25% to 50%
  • The maximum you can borrow is normally 75% of your business property

deposit sign for a commercial mortgage

What are the benefits of commercial mortgages?

Firstly, a commercial mortgage allows you to take the money you would be paying on rental and invest it into your business. Rental payments tend to be more expensive than mortgage repayments, and so it's likely you'll benefit from reduced monthly payments, too.

The interest on your commercial mortgage is tax-deductible, which can help to bring down your annual tax overheads.

Finally, you'll benefit from lower interest rates than more traditional business loans, as commercial mortgage providers consider them less risky.

What fees will I need to consider for a commercial mortgage?

You'll need to consider a number of fees when taking out a commercial mortgage. These include:

  • Arrangement fees - generally between 0.75%-2% of the total loan, you pay this to your mortgage lender for arranging the loan
  • Valuation fees - this pays for the lender to visit the property and evaluate it. It usually amounts to a few hundred pounds, which is higher than a residential property as the lender has to take other factors into account
  • Legal fees - your legal fees will vary depending on which solicitor you choose. Bear in mind you have to pay for the lender's legal fees too.

fess to consider for commercial mortgage property

What are the drawbacks of a commercial mortgage?

When contemplating whether this product is for you, you should consider a few of the following factors:

  • Your credit history - if you have bad credit, your lender will ask questions and might not accept you for high-risksk loan
  • You could lose your property - remember, this loan is secured against your premises. If you can't make the repayments, you could lose it
  • Deposits will be higher - as a commercial mortgage is considered higher risk, it's likely you'll need a larger deposit to secure it
  • If you're a new business - you might struggle to be accepted and have to jump through more hoops. Loan to value (LTV) might sit at around 50% of the purchase price, and you may be asked to supply a personal guarantee

Get the best mortgage deal from an expereince commercial mortgage broker

All in all, a commercial mortgage property loan can be extremely profitable and convenient for some, whilst completely unsuitable for others.

The absolute best way to determine whether or a commercial mortgage property loan will work for you is by seeking the professional advice of a registered mortgage broker , like The Lending Channel.

We are a specialist commercial mortgage broker that's experienced in all kinds of complex loans, so no matter what your circumstances are we'll provide you with reliable, no-obligation mortgage advice - no other fees required.

Commercial mortgages require a degree of negotiation and by using our expertise and industry contacts, we feel confident that we can find the best commercial mortgage deal for you.

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