The BIG Blimey interview

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Date Published:24/10/2014

New business development manager at Blimey! Loans, Ian Cruickshank, shares his favourite home cooked dish and his thoughts on what new entrants to financial services need to succeed.

Q: You’ve worked in financial services for more than 30 years, how did you decide it was the right career path for you?

A: The manufacturing industry in the north east was being decimated. I always was good with figures and quickly realised through my studies that a service industry career path would be the way forward.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in financial services now?

A: Ensure you study and achieve the best qualifications you can and have a “can do” approach to every obstacle that comes your way.

Q: How do you think increasing regulation benefits customers?

A: It will ensure that only correct and proper advice is given and that all practitioners will be qualified and accountable.

Q: What do you think increased scrutiny from the regulator does for the industry as a whole?

A: It will enhance the standing of people and companies in the industry and give consumers the benefit of knowing they will receive advice and products that are correct for their particular circumstances.

Q: You’ve just started a new business development role for Blimey! Loans, what does success in that role look like for you over the next six months?

A: Having spoken with the directors at length during the selection process it became very apparent we share the same professional values and wish to ensure the continued success of the company through integrity, knowledge and above all trust. Success initially will be ensuring that potential introducers share our modem operendi and wish Blimey !Loans to be their provider of choice for the extensive range of products we offer.

Q: What are you able to offer IFAs and mortgage brokers in your new role?

A: Over 30 years’ experience of secured loans and running a successful packaging company for a number of years, the knowledge of how to grow a new income stream to be profitable and, more importantly, which delivers long term benefits to the introducer and their clients.

Q: What makes Blimey! different from the competition?

A: Openness, transparency and the ability through experience and knowledge to get the job done right first time.

Q: What is your favourite home cooked meal and who would be doing the cooking?

A: “Chicken and Chorizo a la Cruic”. My own take on a traditional Spanish mainstay dish, it is a tad different from how the Spanish would cook it, and it would definitely be me doing the cooking!

Q: What was your favourite album when you were 21?

A: The same as it is now, Led Zeppelin 3

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